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Thread: Gray Tree Froglet with guts hanging out! help!

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    Default Gray Tree Froglet with guts hanging out! help!

    Hello all,
    So again this year my yard is full of Gray Tree Froglets, Spring Peeper froglets, Green froglets, Wood froglets and waiting for the Toadlets to emerge. I had to take several Gray Tree froglets in that were deformed, injured or just very thin, mostly do to the sudden temperature change.
    Anyway, 1 Gray Tree froglet only has 3 legs, s/he is missing a back leg and has serious problems hopping and hunting, so I brought the lil baby in. I've been feeding him/her fruit flies, but watching the poor thing hunt is sad and amusing, but s/he is getting better and more coordinated. S/he has put on some much needed weight, as I've figured out that by keeping lots of fruit flies in the tank makes it easier for him/her to find food. I named him/her Lucky, not that 3 legs is a lucky thing, but me finding him/her is. I will have to keep Lucky because I doubt s/he'd survive for very long in the wild. See pic.
    The other froglet looks like its side ruptured and has it's inerts comin out! I found the lil fella a few days ago flopping around by my front door. Due to the cold s/he was very thin and having problems getting around. On further inspection I noticed something protruding from his/her one side. I wasn't sure if it was a paracite or guts, so I just took him/her in and put him/her in with the other froglets. S/he has been eating well and is looking much better. S/he is climbing and jumping and hunting, but always seems to protect that side by keeping it's legs tucked in.
    The skin around the pretuberance was black, but is slowly turning lighter and lighter green and the pink gut sticking out seems to be shrinking. I haven't gotten any pics yet because I don't want to stress him/her until s/he is doing a little better, but truth be told I am really clueless what to do. I figured bringing him/her into a conrolled enviroment would give him/her the best chance of healing and suriving, but a part from that i just don't know what else to do. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Thanks
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    Default Re: Gray Tree Froglet with guts hanging out! help!

    Even if you could do something for it, it's so tiny that it would be virtually impossible to manipulate and operate on. I'm sorry for the disappointment but nature is often cruel .
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    Default Re: Gray Tree Froglet with guts hanging out! help!

    Im so sorry and I wish you the best with both of them, im glad they found you. No matter what happens atleast they will be loved and cared for better than the outside world would have.

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    Default Re: Gray Tree Froglet with guts hanging out! help!

    Thanks for the replies. You wont believe this but as incredible as it sounds this froglet, with a large section of guts hanging out, has almost completely healed! The guts hung out about 1/8 - 1/4 of an inch between its front and back leg on its right side. The skin from his eye to its back leg on the affected side was black and the froglets itself was very very thin. The weather had gotten very cold, dipping down under freezing at night, and there were few bugs to eat. S/he was having difficultly hopping and guarded that side by keeping both it's front and back legs tucked into it's body, which is why I took it in, hoping the better conditions and food availibility would give it a better chance to heal. Thankfully my plan paid off. I just left the lil guy alone and noticed the section of gut was getting smaller everyday and the skin, which was turning green, was healing around it. S/he is hopping around and doesn't guard that side any longer. S/he has more than doubled in size and is looking very healthy. Ill keep her/him inside for a few more days and then let him/her go while it's still warm out. Before I let her/him go ill get a pic to post, it's truely amazing what these Gray Tree frogs/froglets are able to over come.
    Lucky, the 3 legged froglet, is still small, but looking healthier. S/he is still fairly clumbsy when hunting, but s/he'll have a permanent home with me.

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