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Thread: My terrarium arrived today!!

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    Default My terrarium arrived today!!

    Oh my God! I'm so excited, I feel like a kid on Christmas morning....!
    I fully intended to have the bottom half aquatic, but realised I wouldn't be able to do this straight away as terrarium is bigger than I imagined, and won't fit on my cabinet.... Sooooo... At the moment, it's 'dry'. Have put in a potted plant, a plastic vine, a large piece of bog wood and a water dish. It's a work in progress, so excuse the bareness of it at the moment! My lil' greenies look a bit lost!
    And excuse my dodgy reflection in the terrarium!!!
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    Default Re: My terrarium arrived today!!

    He looks happy...

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    Default Re: My terrarium arrived today!!

    Hi Katie,

    He's going to be lost in there . Not a bad thing!

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    Default Re: My terrarium arrived today!!

    I have two in there..... They do look a bit lost!!! But, at least when they grow up, they'll have plenty of room! Have seen them eating since I put them in (I had to chuck crickets right in front of frogs) so I'm confident that they won't starve! Have also put in a larger bowl of water containing my fish. There's a water plant in there, and a piece bog wood coming out of it so pretty sure the frogs/crickets can find a way out should they fall in.

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    Default Re: My terrarium arrived today!!

    Don't bank on the crickets finding their way out, they're dumb!

    In my Kassina's tank there is a water dish with a branch leading to three edges of the water and some elodea (pond weed) as an island for them, they still drown themselves!

    Great terrarium BTW. I can imagine how excited you are! I don't know if you've posted it before, but what are the dimensions of the new froggie home? Is it going to be there permanent home now?

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    Default Re: My terrarium arrived today!!

    Yep, this is their permanent home! It measures 45x45x60cm I've just found a cabinet on a reptile website, but it's 61 This is turning into quite an expensive little hobby......(got an empty tank now, and my eye on an axolotl!) Even though I got the terrarium fairly cheaply (was 53 online, sells for 70-80 in local pet shop)
    I'm going to have a LOT of fun searching ebay for froggy bargains and building up my frog palace!

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