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Thread: Hello from New York!

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    Default Hello from New York!

    I kind of did this backwards, and posted a thread before introducing myself, but it was a slight emergency as far as I was concerned... took in a frog who was already not doing well today and I want her to come back from it!

    As for me, I've always been a reptile gal... and small animal gal, and large animal gal- if there's a spark of life in it, I'm interested! I've assisted vets in the past, I've helped vets study- I've always studied myself on all sorts of things... especially on any wide sort of animals, however, I do know my weaker areas, amphibians I know the basics about, but, they're an area I don't have as much experience with so immediately I knew I'd have to look for help since my "exotic animal" vet closed and I didn't know that before I took her in!

    I look forward to chatting with everyone on here, I'll be sharing photos of my little one when I can find my charger for my camera! (Just moved) She's already kinda pushed her way into my heart, but that's a simple thing to do!

    Now to figure out a good, strong name for her!

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    Welcome Horizon, great to see someone as yourself on the forum with a lot of experiencing in raising and researching the study of animals. What type of frog do you have that's not doing so well? You'll definitely get what you're looking for by joining this forum assisting you raising amphibians .

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    I took in a "Fantasy Frog", an Argintinian Horned Frog- She has some sort of parasite, looked like a thin noodle that went back into her poor little leg, looked way too thin after she peed while I was checking her out- and it looks like she can't move her front legs. They drag as she tries to manuver and she sort of falls on her face a bit.

    I had one years ago, and I never had any health issues with him because, well- I researched the care they required! Buuuuut while I've had one horned frog, one toad, and one newt before, I don't really have that much experience with their health issues... I would say thankfully, but I think people are quicker to bring in a large, or expensive reptile to a vet than a little being they didn't spend "much" on-

    And having worked in pet stores in the past, I've gotten into tons of arguments with people who needed to bring their reptile to a vet, and wouldn't. Sadly too much of my experience has come from the "Fine, give him to me and I'll take care of it" moments.

    I just can't watch a "little" one suffer, even if they end up not being so little!

    Sorry for being so "argh"- lol, it's just frustrating to me that it's clear she's been suffering- if you took 3 seconds to really LOOK at her, and it just seems nobody cared.

    But! I was looking around the board and I'm so glad I found it! I only did because of her!

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    Default Re: Hello from New York!

    Welcome to the Forum!

    Very sorry to hear about your frog!

    Are you goign to be taking her to a vet?


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    Welcome. I hope there's still a chance of recovery for your little one. Good luck ! =a.1434844115446.2055312.1363241107&source=11&ref= bookmark

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    Default Re: Hello from New York!

    How is she doing. Did you call the vet in valley stream.

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    Default Re: Hello from New York!

    Oh I definitely want to take her to the vet!

    I wouldn't be able to take her to the Valley Stream vet, I called and spoke with someone, who- of course, said they couldn't consult over the phone. I've worked with vets before, it's a huge liability to advise on a patient you've never seen...

    I'm going to keep calling around, but I want to try the flagyl, I should be able to pick some up today. From what I've been reading, and now I can't find where I found it- what I saw, though for a fraction of a second- sort of looked like a thread worm. I've seen stuff like that before in other animals- you have a worm in muscle, and sometimes they poke their "heads" out, but go back in...

    Ugh, what a thought!

    But I am calling vets in the area, you would think there'd be plenty of exotic vets around!

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