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Thread: New to fbt and have some questions

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    Om interested in keeping firebelly toads, I have a 150 gallon tank and was wondering how to set it up, the tank is 6' by 18" I was thinking of making it 4' land 2' of water, is this a good water to land ratio? Also what would be the best substraye to use, what are some good plants for a tank this size, and how many toads would live in here comfortably? Also with six feet just seem like a lot of space for just toads, would I be able to add some salamanders or newts, or another type of toad or frog? Thanks in advance for all ur help

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    Welcome to the forum Gus. It is recommended that you only keep one spieces per tank. Firebelly toads are toxic and will eventually poison the other inhabitants. Make sure you wash your hands after handling them or playing in the tank. With a six foot tank you have a lot of options and can keep a large group of FBTs. The good thing about them is they are very active and they are awake during the daytime for your entertainment. THey also interact with each other which is fun to watch. As far as the setup goes it all depends on your creativity. I personally would do a swamp or brook feel throughout the entire floor plan. Using live plants on the back wall and mixed in on the floor. They like to play in the water but it doesn't have to be that deep. Just an inch or two.

    This is what I was thinking about.
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    I like ur idea and yeah im thinking of just putting the toads in there maybe 10 to start and see how that goes as far as the tank goes im thinking of going with something like you suggested as far as plant on the back ground and maybe 2 pools I need to draw it out and post it here to see what you think, as far as plants go will bamboo, pothos, and ficus be ok to use? Also I woul loke some different color plants in there, are there any colorfull tropical plants that would be non toxic to put in there and if so which ones? Thanks again for the help

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