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Thread: ****pacman frogs***

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    Default ****pacman frogs***

    i got some pacman frogs for sale of all sizes

    big albino female $150.00she is a proven breeder

    male ornate pacman frog. (medium) $65.00

    Orange Fansty pacman frog (small) $50.00

    Lima bean pac man frog
    (small) (female) taking offers. very rare almost patternless

    brown pacman frog ( medium male) $40.00

    i also have 4 green pacman frog babies $20.00 each unsexed

    drawf pixie full grown female $40.00

    all frogs come with there exo terra breeder box. shipping is not included in the price of the frogs. i will ship. not overseas or Canada. any more info and pictures email me at

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    Hey James how are you. The male pacman is doing great.Do you still have the female?

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    I'm doing good brother. Glad to hear about ur pac. Yea I do have her still.

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    I must come and see you

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    i would love to buy some of those frogs.i have a couple already but nothing diffrent im new on here and been tryn to contact ppl all over this thing if you get my message please contact me at 770-882-7943 ask for dee thank you

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    Good for you Damian. I love these little guys. I picked up a male which is calling for a female at night . He is cool.Name:  IMG_0264.jpg
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Size:  113.9 KBName:  IMG_0271.jpg
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    Where In LI are you? I'm really interested in owning a PacMan frog, but I've never owned frogs before. I'm in Brooklyn, so I can drive to you and possibly purchase a frog from you and also maybe you can guide me to how to set up a tank and all that good stuff. I'm off tuesday and wednesday give me a call or text 646-610-1315

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    Wow! I love that lima bean guy! PM me a price at what you wanna get for it!

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