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    So when do frogs graduate from pinhead crickets and fruit flies? My gray tree froglets are turning 1 month old (give or take 1 week for the youngest) and I was wondering when they would stop being considered "froglets". Also, i know this is a habitat question, but how long can 6 froglets stay in a 10 gal tank? I've got 2 fruit fly bowls going, but they mostly hover around 1. It was kind of cool to see all 6 of them the other night hanging around the food bowl picking off the FF, but it does make me wonder if all of them are getting their needs met. they have just now started realizing when feeding time is so I don't have to "wake" them up as much.

    I'm rambling...

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    Default Re: Size crickets?

    The crickets should never be longer than the space between the frogs eyes so you'll probably have to base moving them up in cricket size to how fast they are growing.

    As for enclose size, if you are moving them into a planted viv, I would probably start building one now so that your can get the plants rooted and growing well before moving them in.

    Keep rambling, we love reading :-)
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