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Thread: Species of Budgett's frog?

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    Default Species of Budgett's frog?

    I have read that there are 3 different species of Budgett's frogs. I'm trying to figure out what type of Budgett's my frog is. Does anyone know any physical characteristics to differentiate?

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    Default Re: Species of Budgett's frog?

    Hope this will help you out!

    Lepidobatrachus laevis: round pupils, smooth skin. a V-shaped vertebral ridge

    L. llanensis: vertical pupils, vertebral ridge inconspicuous, back color brown or red, toad-like skin, bright orange spots around forelegs and hind legs

    L. asper: rhomboid (square-like, oblique) pupils, back color grey or brown

    And of course, there is the Freddie Krueger frog which is a man-made hybrid of L. laevis and L. llanensis.

    Sexually mature males possess a dark blue-black throat (Budgett 1899; Cei 1980)

    Budgett, J. S. (1899). ''Notes on the batrachians of the Paraguayan chaco, with observations upon their breeding habits and development, especially with regard to Phyllomedusa hypochondrialis, Cope. Also a description of a new genus.'' The Quarterly Journal of Microscopical Science, 42(167), 305-333.

    Cei, J. M. (1980). ''Amphibians of Argentina.'' Monitore Zoologica Italiano, New Series Monografia, Firenze, 2, 1-609.
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    Default Re: Species of Budgett's frog?

    Thank you for the information! That's very helpful. I'm still not quite sure which type he is. So the Freddy Kruger frog is yet a 4th species? Wow. Perhaps I should post a picture of my beast to see if someone can tell the species.

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    Default Re: Species of Budgett's frog?

    I was under the impression that 'Freddy Kruger Frog' was another name for L. Laevis but I may well be mistaken!

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