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    I would like to share my frog collection with you though I found myself
    out of place after reading other introductions here.
    I love frog and I received 2 pairs of frog souvenirs as my webbing gifts,my wife and I thought it would be interesting for us to begin accumulating our display items just focus on frog. I started my blog last month and the url is as follows;

    I hope you like it and also your view, your sharing and your contribution are most welcomed!Mutual sharing

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    Default Re: Frog collection

    I don't really think this is relevant to this site. Does anyone have any issues with me removing this?

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    well, they are not live frogs, but frogs. I have a nice little collection too. now that I keep frogs and toads, friends bring me them as gifts. it might be nice to have a thread displaying peeps inevitable froggy gifts. thanx for the post.

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    Dear John and Judy,

    I respect John's comment and would follow your decision if you need to remove it.

    Judy, thanks for support and please check the website for constant
    updating. If you have any sharings or contributions, you are most welcomed.

    Currently, a number of readers managed to put some interesting remarks on posted frog photos!

    Mutual sharing

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