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    I have a White's Green Treefrog and would love to get another. I am trying to convince my mom to allow me to get another. How social are White's Treefrogs? Is it alright to keep to green treefrogs together in the same terranium? Would the gender of the frogs be an issue?
    Please respond back!

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    Okay for starters do not mix species of Frogs... BAD IDEA. You have to worry about there different needs in space, temp, humidity, size, but more importantly the toxins they may have that are harmful to other species. If you get a friend for your Frog make sure it is another Whites and try to have them close in size so the larger doesnt try and eat the smaller. Keep the new one in quaranteen for a MINIMUM 30days to reduce risk of any deseases, before putting them together. Also and maybe the most important... You need to have a big enough tank to house more than 1. Rule to go by... 10 gallons min per 1 frog. so make sure its atleast 20 gallon home to add another. Sex shouldnt matter at all... they shouldnt breed unless you have the terrarium set up too... like a rain chamber, or the proper temp and humidity and water area that they need to breed.

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    As fun as it sounds to have 2 different species together it's a bad idea . But to answer the social question-- I have 2 whites about the same size and at the beginning my oldest frog was curious of the smaller Ones every waking move. But over Time they have gotten used to each other and it seems to me like they enjoy sitting together still sometimes! :P also if you have 2 MAKE sure to monitor their eating(don't want the bigger one eating all and the younger starving) but two whites together are fun to watch for sure good luck getting your mom to agree!

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