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Thread: Silly Froglet!

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    Talking Silly Froglet!

    Decided to introduce my froglets to their new viv last night. I think I was stressing them out trying to feed them in a separate container and then put them back in their temporary housing.

    I think they are pretty happy and content - although, not sure if 2 of them are eating. I saw one froglet eating several fruit flies in the separate container last night (and he was also the sole eater the night before)...the other two have not caught on to the fact that there is food in there. I'm keeping a close eye on the other two.

    Anyways, within seconds of putting them in their new viv, one of the froglets was hanging on top of the mesh screen! The other one was doing the splits in the corner at the top. I was able to get a couple of good pics of the one hanging!

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    This morning, one was hanging out on a pothos leaf, the other was on top of the humidity/temp gauge and the other hiding on the bottom (hopefully searching for food!).

    I added two spots (with two small banana slices) for dropping fruit flies so that there isn't as much competition around the food bowl. Not sure if 2 of the froglets are bright enough to eat yet. They better catch on quickly, because 2 more froglets will be joining them in a few days when their tails are gone!

    Noticed some mold on the bottom of the wood where it touches the substrate. I've read a couple of posts where mold is okay and will go away after not concerned at the moment.

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    Default Re: Silly Froglet!

    Funny how they will try and try to get through that screen. :-)

    As for the mold, it should go away. I routine misting with distilled water helps . One of my vivs molded over completely on the bottom (all wood surfaces) and then just disappeared.
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