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    Marco Caccianiga

    Smile FBT surprise

    Hi everybody, it's a long rime since my last post..
    I wanted to show you what happened in my FBTs (2 males, 1 female) tank this summer. I planned to try to breed my toads next year but.. without any cold period or any rest, in the middle of the hot Italian summer, I found tadpoles in the tank! I was definitely not ready and I was leaving for few days, so I lost most of them, but I was able to raise the survivors! Yesterday they finally "landed" and started they new terrestrial life!
    I post some pictures of the metamoprphosis, from the very first stage to the young toadlet with a still long tail.
    I don't know exactly what happened. I think that the factor triggering the reproduction was the rising of the water level I performed because I was afraid of the very high temperatures; during summer I'm often away and I was afraid that the tank would dry out.
    What do you think? have you ever experienced unexpected breeding?
    Anyway, I'm very happy now...
    See u!

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    Firebelly love

    Default Re: FBT surprise

    Wow, how fun!! They look healthy. I think I have 2 males and 1 female as well, but I'm not positive. I wish mine had unexpected babies, or any babies for that matter! Anyway, good luck.

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    Default Re: FBT surprise

    brilliant mate, i was wondering if two males and a female would be ok, because i'm off to pick a third fbt to go in my tank tomorrow

    keep us all posted on their development good luck

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    Default Re: FBT surprise

    Adorable! Congrats and keep us posted!

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    Marco Caccianiga

    Default Re: FBT surprise

    Hi everybody, thanks for your comments...
    Some updates: metamorphosis complete! Toadlets now eat fruitflies and climb everywhere.. Their belly is yellowish and is getting more and more contrasted... I'm wondering which is the best way to provide pigments to improve the red color.. any suggestion?
    Concerning the sex ratio of their parents.. I read somewhere that 2 males and 1 female is a good ratio for breeding. I don't know if my female agrees, sometimes she seems quite annoyed by her partners, but in general things seem to go well. Some short fight and some "mistake" between the males..

    Here some pictures of the babies

    .Name:  metam7.JPG
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    thanks again and see you for more updates!

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    congrats mate, glad to see they are doing well, with regards to the pigmentation, what i use is a a fish food, that helps colour, feed this to your crickets and it will pass it on, carrots are also high in carotenes. And i believe that t rex do a supplement that you dust the crickets with that also helps colour.

    Hope this is helps and good look, keep the updates coming

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    Firebelly love

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    Nice looking frogs! They are very cute.

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    I'm happy for you my freind. That was inded a surprise . please let us know with We love pics.

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    Firebelly toad babies are a lot of fun! I have had an explosion of fire bellied toad eggs this summer - my 1st experience with it! I didn't plan on it either! I have had many different times of eggs too. I have sold over 100 tadpoles and toadlets, and still have about 100 toadlets left. The tadpoles I fed mainly a super color fish flakes made with seafood, spectrum grow, and tadpole bites. The toadlets seem to like these as well! I also fed both of them frozen brine shrimp and bloodworms. The toadlets love dusted pinhead crickets and fruitflies. They have gone crazy over a few newborn mealworms too. The older they get, they seem to brighten in color with their bellies. They are all brown - do yours have any green pigment? I wonder if they turn green as they mature?

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    Thats so cool, the toadlets look very healthy Gratz. I have red that a dusting with paprika will help color.
    Can anyone comment, seems it would be a treat to use once ina while idk. Thanks.

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