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Thread: Wanted: reasonably priced African Clawed Frogs

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    Default Wanted: reasonably priced African Clawed Frogs

    I am looking for 2 ACFs. I would like it if the price was $9.00 or less, if possible.
    Age Requirements: Back limb tad to froglet
    Species requirements: Xenopus laevis (any coloring is fine)

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    Default Re: Wanted: reasonably priced African Clawed Frogs

    I have reticulated albino froglets that I am selling for $10 each.
    Regardless of how many you order, shipping prices remain the same for the entire order, not priced by frog.

    Overnight $80
    Two Day $42
    Two/Three Day $23.50

    Can include a package of HBH frog and tadpole bites (diet they are on) for $3.00 and packages of Water Wisteria for $2 each. No up-charge in shipping.
    72 Gallon Bow - ACF and GF tank.
    26 Gallon Bow - ACF tank.

    20 Gallon Long - ACF tank.

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