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  1. A "Special" African Dwarf Frog That I bought!

    I bought this guy & thought that he still had his tadpole tail, however he had his male "bumps". When I got him home, much to my surprise, the "tail" wasn't a tail at all but 2 extra...
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    Help! Why are just my male ADFs dying!

    I seem to have a high mortality rate with any male ADF I buy!

    I have a 10 gallon tank & usually have 3 pairs of ADFs. The temperature is set about 78-80 degrees F, I change 30% of the (spring)...
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    Re: African Dwarf Frogs & Chytrid Help

    Instead of Nuking the tank, clean it with hydrogen peroxide first, then rinse it out with water that you would use for the tank. Discard the water & wipe dry with a link free cloth. Wash any...
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