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    Concerned About Pacman Frog

    Posting this for a friend because they’re worried about their frog
    “So my little Brazilian horned frog (under one year) has been doing some very concerning things these past few days. He constantly...
  2. Please Help! White’s Tree Frog Refusing Food

    For the past couple months my 2 year old whites tree frog hasn’t had as big an appetite as usual. I chalked it up to the fact there was a new addition, and since he was at least taking 1 cricket from...
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    Re: Desert Rain Frog Care Questions

    The reason why I posted here is because I couldn’t find any useful information after searching a bunch, I also already emailed breeders but wasn’t getting any responses:(
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    Desert Rain Frog Care Questions

    I’ve been contemplating getting a desert rain frog for a while, but I can’t find any information on how to care for them. I was wondering what tank size the need, as well as what temperature and...
  5. Getting a Pixie Frog (Questions about Temp)

    I’m hoping to get a pixie frog, but I’m having some uncertainties about how to heat the tank. My room stays at 74° and above in the day. So I thought I may need at least a five degree boost. I was...
  6. Quick Clarifications? (Signs of illness? Is UV lighting needed?)

    I’ve had my pacman frog for a couple months, and recently a few questions have arose which I’d love answers for! I’ve seen it debated everywhere but do pacmans need UV lights? And which would be...
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    Refusal to Eat Dusted Crickets?

    Apologies for I know I start threads often. But a follower of mine is experiencing trouble and I wanted to help. Their frog is refusing to eat crickets when dusted with vitamins. The frog will either...
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    Re: Crooked American Green?

    Finally caught him walking and he does walk tilted too. However he does seem to have the ability to twist his head normally when sitting! But he only does it when watching food, otherwise, constantly...
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    Crooked American Green?

    I noticed a little bit ago, that whenever my old american green tree frog sits, his head twists to the side. I was curious if anyone knows the cause of this as I can’t find anything online.
  10. Discoloration in Whites Tree Frog (Please Help!)

    About a week ago I purchased a young whites tree frog about the size of a quarter. And I have started noticing discoloration on its body right behind the arm. I know discoloration is normal but this...
  11. Stress In White’s Tree Frogs :Please help!

    Ok I know I keep thinking my whites tree frog is sick but this time I’m really worried. He has a scrape on his nose from rubbing it, and I’ve read it’s normally caused by stress. However soon after...
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    White’s Tree Frog Sick?

    I’ve posted thinking that this frog was sick before but this time I do believe there is truly an issue. My white’s tree frog has developed a neon green spot on its back and I’ve heard that its caused...
  13. Re: Worried about my Australian Whites tree frog

    She’s quite small and still young so shes currently housed in a 12x12x18 exoterra. She has a grapevine (brand new but cleaned), fake plant (fabric) and a stone water dish. Substrate is paper towels...
  14. Worried about my Australian Whites tree frog

    I purchased an australian whites tree frog yesterday and it at first was very green. But a while after putting it in the tank it turned a dark purple. it moved to the ground and threw something up (a...
  15. Re: Is my American green tree frog too fat?

    Thank you! I will be sure to cut her back.
  16. Is my American green tree frog too fat?

    My frog Malus is under a year old and she isnt exactly growing bigger, but she is getting fatter. I’m worried she is getting too fat and that it will harm her health. I feed her a cricket every other...
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