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    Give Away: Re: Cuban tree frog -- Chicago area

    They are all grown up now and eating their way through bags full of crickets, but if anyone wants one they are still available.
  2. Sticky: Re: Gray Treefrog / Hyla versicolor and H chrysoscelis caresheet

    I have been researching legal collection of endemics for an educational collection. In the course of this the gov herp guy suggested a versicolor might be a better display specimen than a bullfrog...
  3. Wanted: Re: Educational program/charity seeks endemic toads or frogs

    I continue to research. It looks like in Illinois I can catch non-endangered endemics with landowner permission and keep them, but they cannot be bred or bought unless we get a herptile license that...
  4. Wanted: Educational program/charity seeks endemic toads or frogs

    I am starting to volunteer with a historic house in Bensenville (IL) that has an educational collection of native amphibians and reptiles (corn snake, tiger salamanders etc). They have a tank set up...
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    Re: How Much to Feed a Baby WTF?

    At that size, whatever they will shovel in is okay.
  6. Re: You do not have permission to view this page

  7. Re: You do not have permission to view this page

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    Re: Cuban Tree Frog questions

    The answer was: it's fine. they don't go after the fish
  9. Re: New hobbyist with some questions about my vivarium set up.

    I would agree that is sounds like you need a bit of air movement.
  10. Re: Can anyone help me identify these tadpoles?

    Tadpoles are hard to ID. They look different to the cubans I have raised which were darker all over.
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    Give Away: Cuban tree frog -- Chicago area

    Juvenile cuban tree frogs available--pick up from the Chicago suburbs area (Schaumburg)
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    Cuban Tree Frog questions

    I am setting up a habitat with a water area that is quite large. I was wondering if cubans will eat fish, or there are some fish I could add that they would leave alone and vice versa?
  13. Re: NEW Pacman Frog Owner. Question on Temps

    If you have a battery backup and heat source with an automatic shut off when the desired temperature has already been reached, that provides a back-up in case of extreme weather and/or power outages.
  14. Thread: Question

    by bunnyhugger

    Re: Question

    If by aquarium you just mean a glass enclosure, these can be adatped to keep a lot of different frogs and toads very well.
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    Re: Worried about escapee? Please help!

    It sounds like your escapee is doing fine!
  16. Re: Any ideas for a Cuban Tree Frog habitat

    Here's one of the froglets<br>
    <img src=";stc=1" attachmentid="80937" alt="" id="vbattach_80937" class="previewthumb">
  17. Any ideas for a Cuban Tree Frog habitat

    My tadpoles became little froggies a few weeks ago and I am handing off a few but will still have a few left. They are in a 12x12x24 terrarium right now but I picked up this 50g tank for them. Open...
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