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  1. Help with African clawed frog spitting out food

    Hello fellow frog enthusiasts, I have a male African Clawed frog that is 14 years old. For the past couple months I’ve noticed that while his appetite has not gone down and he is willing to eat as...
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    Give Away: Re: African clawed frog (massachusetts)

    Hi I've kept 2 African clawed frogs one died at a tadpole stage but the other just turned nine I live in the Berkshires and was looking to get a new acf soon but it's always good to help old ones...
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    What should I feed my African clawed frog?

    I have had an ACF for 8 years now (got him off of and for those 8 years all that he has eaten is a frog formula from the site I have heard they can eat a lot of different things but...
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