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  1. HELP bad looking green stools (amazon milk frog)

    Hello my frog doesnt feed in several days and I saw this stools in her water... I cant go to a vet on these days.

    What do you think can be the problem? Thanks.
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    Force feeding: every how many days?

    Hello, if you dont have other option but force feeding your frog:

    Every how many days? I mean if I force feeding one dusted cricket monday, what day the next?

    Cricket or reptaboost?

    (My frog...
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    Re: Sick and swollen Oriental fire bellied toad

    Hello, in the end how is your toad? I hope all is well
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    Best substrate to avoid compaction?

    Hello, I have an amazon milk frog with coco fiber and above some sphagnum moss.

    I am afraid because i have heard that the moss can cause impaction, and the other day it seemed to me that the frog...
  5. My frog dont eat worms, only crickets and roaches...

    Hello, first of all greetings to all the group. I am from Spain and i dont speak english very well.

    I have a 2 years Amazon Milkfrog, and he was eating only crickets and roaches since he was...
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