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    Re: Food Aggression

    You could try feeding them separately if peach starts to look skinny.
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    Re: Is my FBT habitat good? Any suggestions?

    My suggestion is to upgrade to a larger tank if you really want your toads to thrive buy a 20 gallon long. I see them at the pet stores for almost 30 dollars but if you check other places like...
  3. Re: A year later, & my FBT build is complete! 🏼

    That looks great! I love all the live plant. If you mist the moss it might become more green. :D
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    Re: How long can a fire belly stay underwater?

    I would say it is nothing to worry about. they are just doing natural stuff. Some toads will sit fully submerged underwater for a few minutes. If it happens you should still watch just in case...
  5. Re: I need help what conditioner that fbt and fish can use in tank

    I use API Stress Coat+ it works great with fish and frog i just add some to tap water and it works great. Good luck and welcome to the forum!:o:D
  6. Re: New fire belly toad tank what plants should i add?

    Oh yeah one other thing I want to name one of my frogs Blubby but, I do not know what to name my other one I kinda what the names to go together but I can think of anything.if you have an idea feel...
  7. Re: New fire belly toad tank what plants should i add?

    Hey guys, my dad is making a wooden stand for my terrarium.when it's done I am going to start decorating and adding plants and stuff.�� I already have the cricket keeper and I think I know what I...
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    Re: Buying FBT again

    If you want to mix males and females there is a chance they will mate and have babies. You can find moss outside but be sure top thoroughly rinse it with water. WARNING:Never use soap it could kill...
  9. Re: New fire belly toad tank what plants should i add?

    Thank you guys for the answers I am so exited and i want to give my toads the best habitat ever!:biggrin:
  10. WOW you must know a lot. LUV IT!bigapplause

    WOW you must know a lot. LUV IT!bigapplause
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    Re: Fire-bellies in hollywood

    That is pretty cool thanks for telling us!
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    Re: Help with fire bellies

    Fire Belly toads are all different colors and their colors change throughout their lifetime. The European fire belly toad is brown. The Asian toads are generally green.As for the dots it is nothing...
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    Re: Uh Oh... Toad Trouble?

    If you have a small little plastic container or cricket keeper you could put Aleksis in it when it is feeding time and watch him to make sure he eats the crickets. That way he will get the food all...
  14. Re: How many Fire Belly Toad's can I keep in a 10 gallon tank?

    Yeah, I would defiantly only keep two. They are small but since they very active lots of space is needed. Four or five in a 20 gallon long tank. I am getting two in a 40 gallon breeder tank. GOOD...
  15. New fire belly toad tank what plants should i add?

    I have a 40 gallon breeder tank tank with a screen top.I know that I can put a lot of them in there but I only want to put two.frogsmilefrogsmile.
    I want to have live plants on the land and in the...
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