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    Re: get rid of that water bowl !!!!

    I found that my toads tend to use the same spot to hide in so I removed all the dirt and made a artificial lawn with great stuff to build up the area I wanted and left the dirt where they hid. Let me...
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    Re: Feeder alternatives during quarantine

    Earthworms are very filling just add a bit of calcium dust. If your corner store has them
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    Hello Fellow Amphibian Owners

    First time poster long time amphibian fan. I hope to read great posts about people's pets.😊
    Currently I have a male and female North American Toad. Female's name is Bella and the male is named Billy...
  4. Re: So..... Do Female Toads Ever Make Noise????

    My female North American toad when she gets upset she makes a popping sound with her nostrils and my male well he just chirps lots when you pick him up.
  5. Re: Help figuring out my Bufo alvarius behavior

    Unless the temperature in your area drops below 10 degrees Celsius you really don't need the light at night. Frogs and toads enjoy the cool nights. As for the pacing. I would say it just their...
  6. Re: HELP!! Can anyone tell me what this is?? Prolapse??

    Add 5 drops of puple iodine to the water. I hope it gets better.
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    Re: First frog help! Did I get bamboozled?

    Just give it some time. Have it a place where there isnt to much noise\traffic. Have it on a Day\Night schedule. Keep the substrate moist. Not to big of insects(stay away from superworms and if you...
  8. Re: American Toad only wants mealworms - should I indulge him?

    I read your post and I hope your toad is doing well. I let my toads eat whenever they want. I built a feeding area where I can release 30 small mealworms in and not have to worry about them escaping...
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    Re: Question regarding lighting

    Nocturnal toads don't require a UV light just make sure the temperature is 22
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    Re: Is my 9 month old a female?

  11. Re: Strange film on surface of water, gets on my frog

    This is just oils and protein from the waste. Just make diy protein skimmer and that should do it.
  12. Re: Help, badly broken leg on frog! (with pictures)

    I would just cut the leg off w\ scissors and cauterizing the wound w\ a sterile knife then put some Neosporin on it to keep any dirt off the wound.
  13. Re: american toad changing color- green to red?

    Everything is just fine. They will adapt their color based on the substrate. I like to add the yellow fall leaves, my lil Billy goes a really bright yellow w\ brown spots.
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    Re: toad changing colors all of a sudden help

    Your toads are just fine.
    Mine needs to go on a diet being she weighs 160g
    Toad=PIG :(
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    Re: Poll on American Toad temps:

    I try to keep mine at 21c
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    Re: toad changing colors all of a sudden help

    I wouldn't worry as long as he's eating well and is well hydrated. Did you happen to recently clean the enclosure?
  17. Re: What is a healthy weight range for an American Toad?

    I was searching to see what a healthy weight would be for my female american toad and saw your post saying yours was 43g. Compared to my whooping 152g, i think one of ours is either under or OVER...
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