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  1. Thread: Toad Master

    by Melajennie

    Re: Toad Master


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    What toad is this?

    My husband brought home a baby toad yesterday that he found at a local shooting range. It was found in a mowed field, clay type soil near the Kansas river. We are in Kansas. The little guy is about...
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    Re: First dart frog vivarium

    I am definitely prepared to trim. I was thinking the creeping Jenny would grow to fill in the backdrop a bit? Iíve also placed a moss slurry in several spots hoping it will add some green.

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    First dart frog vivarium

    Hello all. I just put the finishing touches to my first viv for pdf. My plan is to get some imitators for it. Itís a 20 high vertically oriented. Custom background made out of great stuff and covered...
  5. Re: Multiple tree frog passings-help please

    Yes it seems my mistake has been adding new frogs without a proper quarantine. Wonít do that again. I did wipe down all surfaces yesterday with a diluted chlorhexidine solution. Hopefully that will...
  6. Re: Multiple tree frog passings-help please

    As far as the temp in the upper part, I have two digital thermometers to check the top and middle ranges. Day time temps are 72-74 at mid range and 75-77 toward the top. Night time temps drop to...
  7. Re: Multiple tree frog passings-help please

    The water temperature for the axies is about 68 degrees which is within their normal range. I test the water frequently with an api test kit and all parameters are good. Itís actually over filtered...
  8. Multiple tree frog passings-help please

    Hi all, new to the forum but not totally new to reptiles and amphibians. First, my current set up is a 36x18x18 exoterra. Itís actually 36 tall now too as we completed an expansion of it a few months...
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