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  1. Re: can anyone please help me. tomato frog is sick

    Considering the black tissue around the wound I would go to see a vet. I know it's expensive, but he may need stronger antibiotics than you can provide from an ointment.
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    Hoya kerri questions

    My mom bought me a cute Hoya kerri cutting from the local Meijer for valentines day. I've heard many cutting are unable to grow into full vines, as they frequently don't contain part of the vine. How...
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    Re: Lighting questions

    I'd only include D3 in your supplement if you don't have a source of UVB so they do not overdose. If the toad is regularly receiving UVB, then you're good without D3. Remember that UVA/UVB doesn't...
  4. Re: Best treatment plans for MBD in Western Toads

    I mostly agree with you Cathy. The only thing is to remember to only give a reptile/amphibian a supplement containing D3 if they are NOT exposed to UVB, as UVB is what the animals use to synthesize...
  5. Re: Best treatment plans for MBD in Western Toads

    If you want to continue using UVB, I'd recommend using a calcium supplement without D3 as too much will cause calcium overdosing. Excess calcium is just as bad as too little. Make sure you're...
  6. Re: Best treatment plans for MBD in Western Toads

    If you're using Calcium plus D3, then you don't need UVB. UV is what enables reptiles and amphibians to produce D3, which is the vitamin they use to absorb the calcium. Have you regularly been giving...
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    Re: PA Woods and Forests Storyline

    I'm curious, what plant species specifically do you keep in your native temperate vivariums?

    Sorry if you've mentioned this before on an earlier post, lol. I don't have the best memory...frogsmile
  8. Re: Emergency! Sick American Toad... IDK what’s wrong!

    I'm sorry to hear about your loss. I personally exclusively tong feed or feed out of the enclosure to prevent substrate ingestion. However, sometimes this will still just happen, and with toads being...
  9. Re: Emergency! Sick American Toad... IDK what’s wrong!

    There are two situations I've experienced before which sound similar to what you're dealing with. In one situation my toad was just severely dehydrated, and I put it in a critter keeper with soaked...
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    Re: Baby Pacman Frog Won't Eat

    As you've had him for less than a week, I wouldn't worry much. Just because he ate on the first day doesn't mean he's really settled in. Has anything occurred around him or been changed that may...
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    Re: Return!

    Weird stuff happens. That's what makes life interesting ;)
    Anyways, welcome back!
  12. Re: Help with sexing my 1.5 year old Pyxicephalus adspersus

    I'm by no means a Pixie frog expert--at all. But looking at your photos I'd say it's a male. If someone here tells you something different though, I'd trust their advice. Hope I helped at least a...
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    Re: Poor frog!

    I'm so sorry to hear about her passing. You did all you could, and kept her safe and comfortable at the end of her life. She'd thank you if she could...
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    Re: Poor frog!

    I'm also still living with my mother and a high school freshman, so I know what you mean about having issues getting her a larger tank. When I've needed cheap housing for frogs, especially bullfrogs,...
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    Re: Sexing American toad metamorphs

    They're just too tiny and young to sex at that age. I can usually start to get a rough idea of what an American toad's sex once they're a little over an inch long. It's still really hard to, though.
  16. Re: Injured gray tree froglet; help please

    Looks like he might have redleg - a vary serious bacterial skin infection. I'd recommend taking him to a vet; quarantine him immediately.
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    Re: New Huge Cane Toad

    Could she not be eating out of fear of you or maybe other animals? If she feels like there's a predator around her she might not be willing to give away her location by going after food.

    I hope...
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    Re: toad shedding question

    I personally find that toads in general rarely eat their shed. I've never seen any of my pet toads eat their shed, but my frogs always do.
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    Re: Pacman only wants to soak constantly

    Sorry if I missed something, but you didn't list the tank's humidity? I could see the lamps rapidly decreasing the humidity, which makes your frog want to soak in his dish.
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    Re: Frog Forests

    This sounds really cool! Especially the temperate forest one; I've been wanting to make one myself. I'm curious though, how do you plan to simulate a temperate forest in a vivarium? Are you planning...
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    Re: Tiny bugs in my tank?

    I have this issues with my tree frogs due to their wet substrate and some of the wood. Clean out the tank as soon as you get the chance, make sure to boil or sanitize the wood. I wouldn't be too...
  22. Re: How often should I feed my american toads?

    Considering they're starting to get a little bit larger, I would at least start to feed them every other day. I would cut down the number of crickets slightly too. I can't think of a definite feeding...
  23. Re: Help! Abscess and hole on whites treefrog

    Glad he is doing better!
  24. Re: repurposing old fish aquarium for toads

    Yes, just make sure the silicone doesn't need to be replaced. As long as you thoroughly rinse the gravel, it should work just fine as a drainage layer. What type of toad do you have, by the way?
  25. Re: One of my fire bellied toads pupils is extremely small

    I believe this is the website
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