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  1. Re: African clawed frog almost stopped eating.

    I remember reading about this condition somewhere before. It's an unfortunate intestinal disease in aquatic frogs. They'll get bloated and float at the top of the tank.

    AH! I found a page of...
  2. Re: African Clawed Frog needs good new home!

    Oh! That's good to hear! And yeah. Way closer. lol

    I had suspicions that he was a male, also due to the croaking, but hadn't found evidence on the internet about it. (Granted, I didn't do all that...
  3. Re: African Clawed Frog needs good new home!

    Not many people seem to use this site anymore. I joined not long ago, too. lol

    Anyway, I've actually been looking for an adult AFC for my albino! I'm not sure what sex it is. I tried...
  4. Re: African dwarf frog possible face injury

    Oh dear. That's no good. :(

    I would keep a close eye on it and see if the injury spreads.
    It would also be a good idea to quarantine your frog with specialized water until it's healed. This is...
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    Re: African Dwarf Frog injury?

    I'm sure things have been resolved by now, but just in case, some damage may occur to the webbings simply from the frog pushing/kicking against a decor that may have a jagged edge or such.
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    Re: Help! Why are just my male ADFs dying!

    My guess would be that you have too many frogs in a small tank. The recommendation is 1 frog per 10 gallons. You might get away with two. There's a good chance that the males are more territorial or...
  7. Albino African Clawed Frog was hugging my hand!

    After a couple years of having Blanco, my Albino ACF, it's gotten pretty tame. When I do some cleaning in the tank or move things around, it comes to investigate. It also loves to jump at my fingers...
  8. Re: A "Special" African Dwarf Frog That I bought!

    That's crazy! But so cool! (and I love the name you gave him. lol)
    Keep us updated!
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