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  1. Re: Got my new Pacman Frog! How old would y’all say it is and how many nightcrawlers pieces do I feed it?

    Hey! Cute new frog!
    I'm not exactly sure on the age, but I can help you with the nightcrawlers.:)
    He seems to be pretty young so I would recommend a small chunk of them every night. He'll probably...
  2. Thread: Mealworms

    by BlazeFrogs

    Re: Mealworms

    Like you may have heard, mealworms shouldn't be used as staple feeders. Crickets are very popular among frog owners, and if you'd still like to use them, I have some tips on how to keep the alive...
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    Re: Its a boy! Pacman vocalized

    Cute!! I love hearing my little guy vocalize :) .
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    Re: Is there something wrong with my pacman?

    From what I know, frogs hibernate during the winter months. If he's looking healthy, don't worry about it. If he starts acting even more strange, try to do some more research. :)
  5. How Long Can You Leave A Juvenile Pac Man Frog?

    Hi! I recently got a strawberry albino pac man frog.
    I have a 7 day trip coming up in about 3 weeks, and was debating on what I should do with my frog. He's been doing really good. Tank moist and at...
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