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    5.0 UVB for a White’s Tree Frog?

    Hi, So I currently have a White’s Tree Frog under a 13 watt 5.0 or 5 % UVB bulb in a 20 gallon tall terrium , I’ve seen some say a you should use 2.0 for frogs but I cant find a 2.0 anywhere, as exo...
  2. Using Uvb and Vitamin d3 supplements for WTFS

    Hey, I have a Whites Tree Frog and I have a uvb light on her, should I be using calcium with or with out d3 (I have both) if I’m using a uvb light.(
    I know not to dust on every feeding)I was...
  3. Will an impacted Whites tree frog be able to croak?

    Just out of curiosity?
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