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  1. Re: Its been awhile but I got FBTs again & would like pointers

    1. I feed mine every other day
    2. I don’t use any rocks in my enclosure but I would suggest using rocks that are at least the size of their head. This way they won’t accidentally swallow them.
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    Re: Sick and swollen Oriental fire bellied toad

    I’m sorry, I hope they make a recovery!
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    Age of your firebelly toads?

    Iím just curious to see what the ages are of your firebelly toads. I have a 10yo and one that will be 13 in April. Iíve read articles in which firebelly toads have lived 20+ years!
  4. One of my fire bellied toads pupils is extremely small

    I have a 12 year old fire bellied toad who is very active and healthy, he eats on a regular basis and seems to be able to see just fine. However the last few months of 2018 I noticed that one of his...
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