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    What is wrong with her legs?

    I have 3 Pacman frogs 2 albino and on Ornate. My 2 albinos have no issuses whatso ever. But Woola my ornate has an issuse with her legs. She like she is trying to swim every time she walks. I keep...
  2. Thread: Not eating

    by ArlaFett

    Not eating

    I have a pretty plump baby Pacman that hasn’t eaten since Thursday of last week when it only ate 2. It has pooped. Should I worry or is it normal for them to not eat for a period of time?
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    How wet is to wet for the substrate?

    I was changing my Baby Pacman water and the substrate looks really moist, when I squeezed it water drops but came out but not a lot. What is considered to wet? Thank you
  4. Re: Is filtered water from refrigerator ok to use?

    I heat it up before I use it. I don’t make it to hot tho. If I where to boil it and let it sit would that take out the Chlorine?
  5. Is filtered water from refrigerator ok to use?

    I was just wondering if anyone knew if it was ok to use water from refrigerator to water and soak baby Pacman in? I have 2 Albinos and I donít want to heart then in any way. Also how much Calcium do...
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