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  1. Not sure if you will see the comment I left on my picture of Pachi regarding his enclosure. Thanks for the tips and I will keep it in mind.

    I'm new to these forums and so figuring out what works where! Thanks again!
  2. Thank you very much for all your helpful advice, especially the part about the Tetra Delica.
  3. (3 of 3) I have gravel on the bottom of the tank and then there is a layer of expanded clay balls that acts as a substrate. On top of the clay is various types of moss that help to provide the moisture and humidity in the tank. At first I thought the tank may be too moist for the Southern toads, but I was wrong! They are very active and healthy and appear to be completely comfortable with the environment. I was also a little nervous about having the Fire-bellied toads in the same tank as everyone else, because of the toxicity of their skin (small amount, but I was worried it might spread in the water). I was apparently wrong to worry, because like I said, everyone seems happy and healthy! Thanks again for the compliment and your interest in my vivarium. I will be creating more when I move to my own place and save a little money!
  4. (2 of 3) The humidity in the tank is naturally regulated because of the fact that the tank-top is mostly sealed (it's a fish tank), so the temperature is also self regulated (usually drops to 70F during the night and 75-80F during the day). The barrier that I used to separate the water from the land is just a piece of bark that I found at a local pet store. I was really lucky to find something that was almost the perfect width for the tank. I used some smaller pieces of bark that I broke off to wedge between the large piece and the glass to keep it from floating away. I also utilized a piece that floats in the water as a little raft (the FBTs LOVE it). The Southern toads have created a little cave under the barrier bark and love hang out in there (you can see in some of the pictures). (Cont'd)
  5. (1 of 3) Thanks! The plants are bamboo and just a common house plant (not sure of actual name) that I got at a local Home Depot. The nice thing about both of those plants is that they require no special treatment. Once they are planted, they thrive quite well and grow very quickly on just the water that is in the tank. My lighting is actually quite different. I use LED lights for the white light during the day in conjunction with an actinic fluorescent bulb which provides the UV. I wasn't sure if actinic would be safe for them, but it is just fine and it makes for a nice blue accent on everything (you can't see it in the pics very well because of the flash). At night, I use the "moon-glo" blue LEDs that are part of the same unit that provides the white day-light. Once I go to bed, all of their lights get turned off. (Cont'd)
  6. I had a friend look at it, and it turned out to be more fried than it first appeared. Wasn't cost effective to fix, so I ditched it. I've not bought one yet. We've had tons of rain and plus I've been able to regulate my humidity and only need a 4L jug every five days or so. With as much as it rains here, I should be fine, and in the summer I can buy it if I need to. I figure this year will be a test run where I watch what I spend. If it is worth buying a countertop one next year I will.
  7. well, never thought of something like that but here's my first thought!
    you could try. though i think the frog may be confused by the changes of light in your tank.
    i think when you look at nature and when the moon shine is "lighting" up the environment then it will be so all night long in stead of one time no visual light and the other time there is visual light...
    i also think that when you do not light your tank that much that the frog must adapt to the new light at night for a few day's and then it will come out at night even when the moon shines or in our case we have some leds to see something at night.
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    Hi LCB! As far as I know and have experienced, they generally only go after live food. They hunt by movement. You *could* feed dead if you get them use to tong feeding and you make it look like the food is wiggling. The live food is quite easy to get over. Is your wife put off by the ick factor or does she feel bad feeding live? One is easier to get over than the other. If she feels "bad" feeding live then that is something I can't help with...if it is an "eww" reaction then it is quite easy to get over as you don't have to touch the food. Feeding can be done very easily with out ever having to touch the crickets.
  9. That is good to hear. I know it can be very worrisome when a pet is not acting well.
    Since we can't ask it are you ok, where does it hurt ect. ect.
  10. Thank you. Pan is finally more active and ready to eat....alot. It's funny how even though our Solstice isn't until Mar 20 they already instinctively know its time to be more active and eat more often. They amaze me.
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The hacker in me wants to take on another project.

by Louis Charles Bruckner on May 10th, 2013 at 06:53 PM
Well since the IP cam/ laser cat toy I hacked together last week
I have had another brain storm.

I know that a lot of keepers would love to keep an eye on their pets
when they are away.

I have a few of these cheap IP cameras lying around some of them are broken some are ok.

Well when you actually take one apart there really not all that complicated.
You have the following inside the camera.
A digital CCD board that's actually the

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This is not the place to ask for help.

by Louis Charles Bruckner on May 10th, 2013 at 06:31 PM
Yes I know I am not a moderator but I see this all too often
people asking for help or advice in this area.

This area does not get looked at by the vast majority of the people that can help you.
Do your self a favor and click on the forum tab above to the left of the blog tab
or just click HERE
and choose from the list of forum areas that fit best to your needs.

Now if you really want to start a care blog of a frog or a build of a vivairum or

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My care blog for the terrible trio of Whites tree frogs.

by Louis Charles Bruckner on January 21st, 2013 at 11:40 AM
This is the start of a care log of my three whites tree frogs.
My first.
Bubba. 44g

He has the deepest voice so far.

I just added two more.
Brownie 57g (big girl) and Buster 45g.

Currently they all have great appetites and will eat until they pop.
All are very active at night and after the housekeeping.
(changing the water and paper towels cleaning

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Review of the Exo terra light cycle unit

by Louis Charles Bruckner on December 18th, 2012 at 12:12 AM
I have the 20 watt unit,
Simulates Dawn to dusk lighting for a 10, 12 , 14hr day cycle.

Does not have a timer that can be set.
If the power is interrupted the cycle will restart from the beginning.
Cords to the tube sockets are not detachable from the control unit.

No mounting hardware for the lights are suppled.

My solution for the timing problem.
A Simple digital timer set for when you want the light

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A temporary boarder

by Louis Charles Bruckner on November 23rd, 2012 at 11:58 PM
A few weeks ago I noticed that I had a guest living in a upside down christmas tree stand.

I turned out to be this little girl.

She is very young and she was pretty thin.
This photo was taken while I was transferring her from
a small 2 gallon tank (what I had on hand.)

The temperatures out doors ware dipping into the mid 30's
And she wouldn't have survived the winter.

So I went to the drawing

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