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  1. In case there is some confusion in my signature, I recently found out, with solid evidence, that Bumpy is in fact a bullfrog. I had suspicions before, but now I know for sure. Also, I have found out Gnag's true gender: Male. His throat has gone yellow and he now croaks constantly, probably due to the fact it is now mating season.
  2. Back from a short vacation (don't worry, I had someone experienced with amphibians take care of mine and gave them exactly 7 pages printed out with instructions on how to care for all of mine,) and I'm back now.
  3. Hi, I like reading your posts.
  4. you do know your **** and you know what your on about knowledge an learning is a blissful but ive to start some were i apologise to you both for my bad start off
  5. cane tods are biggasrlook just wanted to inform not offend anyone so your defence or defending was not necessary on your 2s part same to you crickets are bad for frogs as well but in one forum this one it says to give it as a staple diet lol mis leading eh everyone has a opinion BUT YOU HAD TO START SOME WERE DIDNT YOU now your cane toads will differ in terrian then a usa or austraila hawai cane toad also there s 2 cane toads suriname is biggar and again different terrians do you see my point all these countrys are different arent they sir you see im taking in all countrys an then work it down my tank anit small 3ft by 2ft by 2ft so i wwill do my best all i want is advice im new why didnt you 2 pick tthis up instead of bullying me thanks for your advice ill take it into account when housing them
  6. i just came across a thread you and i posted too a week ago and i would like to apologize for not getting on as much as i would like. I noticed you defending me in a cane toad thread and i would like to thank you.
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    Hi Caspian, obviously Heather has replied to your post since your message and she knows way more about this than I do. So I'll just wish you good luck.
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    In my profile I have some photos of the cane toad
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    I figured out what happened....I type to much LOL!

    What kind of frog is Gnag? My guys are all whites. I am embarrassed to admit that I did everything wrong when I got them. I bought the tank and the frogs on the same day. Luckily I found this website right away and bought a lot of books and I'm still learning about them 7 months later! My only problem is that I've given up on ever going on vacation for longer than a day. I don't know anyone that would be able to feed them plus I couldn't trust anyone! I won't even let my boyfriend feed them when I work late.
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    Ugh, I typed a whole message to you but it disappeared! Sorry if it shows up and I repeat myself. I noticed once I said something other people couldn't keep quiet either, I'm grateful other people spoke up.

    I know what you mean though, I can't go more than a few hours without seeing my frogs. They are in our game room and if I am watching tv in the living room I have to go check on them during commercial breaks! I never thought I would be obsessed about frogs and lizards. I'm lucky because I work right by my house so I'm home every few hours to check on them. I am crazy about spot cleaning and changing the water. I had fish for 20 years and I'll tell you, I'll take the daily maintenance of a frog tank any day!

    I hate when people say negative stuff to us about our frogs. I couldn't get away with telling someone they were crazy for having kids. Can you imagine saying to someone "You're taking your kid to the doctor? But he only has a cough!" ?
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