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  1. How's things with your frogs? Did you separate them?
  2. Nice setup! I would have taken them in too, I would never be able to kill something even if it is invasive. Well except for spiders and centipedes, they still creep me out!

    I wanted to put the frogs in my room too but since we are in the game room more, we put them there. We had leopard geckos and when we got our bearded dragon Dexter, we put the geckos in the bedroom. It was fun being able to watch them at night but they didn't really do much. I was trying to rehabilitate them but I couldn't and they passed away a few months ago.

    I'm thinking my frogs should start croaking soon. We've had them for 7 months and they were maybe 2 months when we got them. I'm excited to find out if I have boys or girls. I think Shrek and Skitter are girls and Olive is actual an Oliver! I just worry that when they start croaking they are going to keep Dexter up at night, he goes to bed at 8pm sharp!
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    I've got more photo's of the tank in my albums.
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    I type a lot too... I talk a lot as well
    Gnag is an American Bullfroglet. I'm not sure about Bumpy, she's smaller, has a narrower nose, and is more skittish. She's probably a Bullfroglet, but she might actually be a Green frog, but even if she is, they've been living together fine. They are both W/C [We caught her, in fact, on my birthday. Where I am, you're supposed to kill any Green frogs or Bullfrogs you catch since they are invasive, but I decided to keep Gnag and Bumpy. Me and my friend go "herping" (frog catching) a lot, and we always let them go, but on my birthday I decided to keep Gnag and Bumpy.] They both croak a lot, eat a ton, and are growing quite rapidly. Here's a picture of the tank. It's rarely this bright in the room
    I only made it brighter for the photo.
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    I got that problem too. No worries. I spoke up a bit too, as well.

    I always keep a close eye on my frogs, despite how clean I keep the water and habitat. Better safe then sorry, eh? My frogs are in my room, so it's easy to regulate temperature, noise and such. And I like to watch my frogs at night, whether they're hunting, swimming, or croaking. The croaking is great, as long as you aren't trying to get any sleep!

    Yeah, I get laughed at sometimes at school for how much I care for my frogs, but those people have no right to judge. At least I'm caring for animals and doing something constructive and creative, whilst those who laugh at me are usually off playing video games like Call of Duty.
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    I finally couldn't hold it in. Go take a look at my post. I've refrained from being rude, but I have been brutally honest.
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    Also, that was the same person who said to me: "Why does it need a tank? It's just a frog, a bucket would be fine."

    I've already begun to assemble my Frog First Aid kit, even though I've only had frogs for a short time, and also I'm doing regular water changes to keep their water clean. Which brings me to my point: To own frogs, you have to really care for them, and feel affection for them. Otherwise, you shouldn't be owning any amphibians or reptiles at all.
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    I don't blame you for getting mad. Here's a similar story I'd like to share you to show how heartless and ignorant people can be towards frogs:

    About a week or two ago, I thought Gnag had eaten a rock when I was watching her hunt at night [She didn't actually but it looked like it. It must've been one of the larger crickets in her mouth] , and I was at school, talking about it the next day. Of course, I was very fearful and frightened for Gnag. Anyways, my friend who lives on a farm and knows a lot about animals told me the grim likelihood if she actually had eaten a rock, and that he was sorry. And then one of the people my friend invites to sit with us said: "It's just a frog, if it dies it dies."

    You have no idea how angry and upset that comment made me. So upset I left school early, because I nearly burst into tears in the middle of third block and I knew I would've started bawling my eyes out if I had stayed into fourth block. Also, I needed to see Gnag.
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    I'll be honest: I was actually quite mad. I once forgot to pick up crickets, and instead of having my frogs not eat for one night, I went outside and dug all the way to the bottom of my compost to find earthworms, which I did. It was not fun but, seriously, if you aren't devoted to your frogs, if you forget to feed them for a week then you should not be caring for frogs. Hopefully, he can prove to us that he is worthy of caring for frogs by saving it and never making that mistake again.
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    Well, I've never done either of those before, but getting angry at him will only cause more sadness and self-guilt. And him/her being either of those things won't help his frog.
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