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    Hi jeff, just saw your post of the terrariums you setup and they are absolutely incredible! Joined just to see if you had time for advice. Just wondering if you had any tips for me, i'm currently in the market for an enclosure for my newly acquired white lipped python. Was looking for a nice display cage that'll also maintain heat/humidity at a steady rate, and your setups were quite the lookers, would really appreciate any help! Thanks- Anders
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    Hi Jeff,
    Hope all is well
    Can you help me out ?
    I have to make a decision as to whether I have to break this enclosure down ?

    There are quite a few of them. The are not being eaten by the frogs. They are not moving quickly enough but are a tiny bit longer than then a striped isopod.
    ( living happily side-by-side).

    If you look really closely there is a 2nd insect there ( walking on top) of the ? caterpillar; but it looks too small to be it's adult form?
    Maybe not?

    I guess I am going to yank the coconut 1/2 and re-boil it ! BUT- it was there before these little critters.

    Thanks, Lynn
  3. Will be without internet access doing marine research until March 9th.
  4. Hey SCF - I would say you can feed as many oranges as you want, but I would throw something in there with a little additional caloric value... some kind of grain product is usually good for this. They don't need high protein, but they do need something to attain nitrogen from and grains typically have a higher density of nitrogen/protein. Throw some cereal, dog kibble, bread, etc in there to supplement the mass quantity of oranges ; )
  5. just the person i needed to talk long do you think you can feed dubia oranges straight. I recently got ALOT of oranges.
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    Could you clear some space in your inbox please JeffreH?
  7. Vacation for the weekend; no internet access 7/13-7/15.
  8. Thank you for your input Jeff. I can always count on you. I knew it was something along those lines. And i am convinced that high protein diets are what can be the leading cause for this suspicion. I have seen care sheets coming from zoo's stating that protein was nessacary for reproduction. which we both know the true answer to that. And a new observation that i have came across that i wanted to fill you in on is that i noticed since i introduced the vegan diet to my roaches, that they seem to mature much faster. last months batch are already medium size. I know that the larger they get the slower they mature but it is certainly noticeable. Not to mention my colony is out of control. at the rate i am breeding now i will have to add a new 30+ gal bin every two months. I mean it sounds like a complaint but it really isn't. I am over joyed i have a large sale coming up so hopefully i can avoid a massive over population.
  9. I have a question for ya Jeff. But first a story I was attempting to sell some roaches to a pet store and when i explained to the owner that Dubia make an excellent staple, a person who said to be an employee at the San diego zoo was listening to our conversation, intrupted and explained that they are not a good staple because they contain high levels of uric acid which is harmful to frogs and toads. What is your opinion on this? As we both know protien increases uric acid and can be harmful to the roaches themselves. My opinion on it is that they gained this information while they fed protien rich items.
  10. I will be in Boca Manu, Peru for conservation in the Amazonian rainforest from May 1 - May 15. No internet access. I'll post lots of pictures when I return = )
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