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  1. Hi, I saw your blog made me wonder about doing one for the babies they are so entertaining. They now know when it is feeding time and crowd to the door making it really difficult to feed them, one has already surprised us by jumping up at the door when it was open he sailed past my hand and landed with a plop at my feet. I was so scared he was hurt but he seems ok so far I am so glad all seems well with your babies. Thanks for the friend request I was very pleased to accept. Great idea about the neighbour hood only sadly we are surrounded by older or working couples!
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    Lol, so you have already bought the exact model I was thinking about! And if you have one of the neighbor hood kids help you set it up you won't have to be alone and putting so much effort into it. The set up seems simple enough, but I don't think it would be very easy to do alone anyway... I was looking at one last year for my plants. And thanks for the kind words about my babies. I think I was just panicking... They are swimming fine and eating, the gel like stuff splotched around their body is not getting worse and we found out what the hole in the side is. It is normal! Lol. Something like a spiracle or something like that. I am not sure what that is yet, but you can bet I am gonna research it! I started a daily blog on the tadpoles growth last night before I noticed the hole and skin shedding, yes they do shed (was news to me).
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    Just a thought, but have you heard of the small greenhouses they sell at places like Harbor Freight - not sure if you have one in your area - and I believe they sell them at nursery's too. It is an instant green house. You put it up like a tint. I bet that would work out good for you since you say you have health concerns that will keep you from building a full scale greenhouse. All you would need to do to the instant greenhouse is make some kind of floor that is completely attached to the bottom side of the greenhouse so no other animals can get in and the frogs won't get out. Just some food for thought.
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    Thanks for the update on the babies! I love their little calls while they are learning how to do it right, they sound so cute! I bet you are a proud daddy right now! How is the little guy doing, good I hope? I finally got my tadpoles in 2 days ago. They are a funny pair. You can tell that I have two completely different personalities already. One is laid back, goes with the flow; the other is easily spooked, he will dart around the pond as fast as he can until he finds his sibling then he will settle down. They are always blowing bubbles. I did not know tadpoles would blow bubbles? You can hear them take in air and hear the bubble pop out, lol. I will keep you posted on their growth. I think they are getting ready to grow back legs already. They have this, kind of like a hip area on each rear side of them right before their tails. I can't wait to see them change! I love my babies already! I am so glad yours are doing good too, I can't wait to see more pics of them growing up as well!
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    Hello Jay, You can never overfeed babies. The babies are feed every night either dusred tiny roaches(red runners ) or pinhead crickets. I put several of them in a bowl each night so they can eat as much as thet want to. I also tong feed them just so they can get famlilar in case I need to medicate them somewhere down the road. If you have not read the care sheet on them already, I highly recommend it.
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