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    I got them from UmeŚ.
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    Thank you for the picture comment! They are amazing frogs indeed
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    You're welcome. That is a good idea. They usually like quiet. Quiet=less stress. They do get used to you and some noise over time. Some of it just depends on the personality of the frog you get. Glad I could help.
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    They do dig up plants a lot. You can buy fake plants. They don't really care if they're reall or fake. It just gives them a sence of security. They are easily stressed.
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    They don't just burrow a little. They spend all day buried in the substrate sleeping/resting and awaken at night to feed. They're chubby frogs and yes they are really cute. They have boney protrusions on the upper jaw kind of like serrations that are used as teeth and a tusk like protrusion in the center of the lower jaw like a tusk which is also really sharp. I don't think you can go wrong woth whatever decision you make. They're both really cool species of frog and as long as you're well informed on how to care for them and have the meens you'll gain a sence of fulfillment and will love your frog. I know I love both my Pacs.
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    So did you ask around the forum? I would ask someone who owns both? Get an idea of the differences between the care of both species. They will differ quite a bit because there are significant differences in arboreal and terestreal amphibs. The main similariety I know between the two is appetite I've read that they both are veratious eaters.
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    A nikon digital SLR. I'm pretty sure I've posted on the forum about it in the past.
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    Choosing what frog to get is a personal preferance. I do post a lot about Grif. He is my first Pacman and frog I've had as a pet. Pacmans are good pets. Most chain stores have them listed as a beginner frog or they don't take a lot of skill which is wrong. They are fairly easy if you fallow what other owners who have experiance with them. Climate and housing is key,but as is with any frog. I've never owned a whites tree frog, but have thought about getting one. From what I've read they are a calmer not easily stressed frog. At least in comparison with Pacman frogs. I love Grif very much and almost lost him because he got sick 2 months. Ago and I managed to pull him out of it. He is always ready to eat now when its time for him to get up. He crawls out of his burrow and stares at me until I feed him. Its cute. I. Would ask around the forum to get some other opinions. Might help you. Make your decision. Get some pros and cons and see which is best for you.
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