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  1. SmAllest I seen is a 40watt zoo med nightlight red bulb, it's a 10 gallon tank and yes it's the tree frog, I figured 40 will probably just give enough heat to keep it at a decent temperature during the nighttime for him I just see 75watt was producing like 80 heat during night hours so hopefully this will do the trick cuz I would like to be able to watch him from the dark, though on a plus side my girlfriend said she found poop recently in the waterbowl which was cleaned but none the less it seems he is eating the crickets
    , thanks for the quick reply
  2. Quick question would a blacklight floresent bulb be good to have in the tree frog environment or a red bulb with low watts because the red bulb I have now is 75w so seems like it's producing to much heat at night for the little guy, thanks in advance
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    It's wild caught (by me), and it appeared to not have developed properly. I wasn't looking for a new frog but (s)he was hobbling around and I'm something of a sucker for a cute face, I asked for suggestions here and the general consensus was to take it in:

    I probably would have been worrying about it all the time if I hadn't adopted it. His home was built pretty quickly after finding him, he'll get an upgrade when he grows up or move in with my others if I think he can handle it:

    He gets around quite well, kinda slides on his face/chest abit when walking, but he uses pretty much all of his available space and no wheelchair ramps were needed.
  4. sorry kisa, I have been sidetracked this week. Yes, I got your thank you card. Been busy with my babies and getting ready for Easter.
  5. Haha you stop it! we just have great taste is all. I should get some good pics though when they move into their new home. You know, when there in that "where am I" stage of first moving in lol unless they bounce around instantly. I keep hearing about them being little energy balls
  6. Oh yea, I pick my clowns up sunday!
  7. Lol I woulda still done it! I'm moving in the next 4 weeks and I'm going to do a build for red eyes I think. And after that I'll be doing that really big one. I'm thinking 36x18x36. (if I can even get one.) Exo terra has been telling me the product is going to be available in april.. Ahh we'll see.
  8. I'm sure you won't! I know you can get creative
  9. No prob. I really want to see the steps and final turn out of it
  10. Your welcome! My biggest concern would be the wood warping from moisture and the humidity. Silicon would be too hard to spread evenly I would think (plus way too expensive). The titebondIII is kinda pricey too but maybe could be applied with a paintbrush. If I think of anything else I'll let ya know
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I'm back, obviously, but it's slow going.

by Kisa on September 2nd, 2011 at 02:54 PM
Hey everyone. Of course I forgot to make a blog post letting everyone know that I was back from vacation. This was like...three weeks ago. >>;

But now I've started school, so it may still be a bit hard for me to get around, but I'm not dead!

Don't know why I make blog posts updating my status but...I do.

Vacation. :)

by Kisa on August 12th, 2011 at 04:43 PM
It's that time of year folks.

I'll be gone starting tonight for about a week, maybe less, so if you don't see me around on the forums don't panic! I just wont have wifi where I am.

See you next week!

Frog bite! O:

by Kisa on August 11th, 2011 at 02:02 PM
So the title says it all.

Two nights ago when I took my biggest WTF out to feed, I decided I should try and see if he would go for some silkworms I got at the Super Reptile Show in Pomona (CA). So first I dropped one of the wiggliest ones I could find in the bottom of his feeding box, but he wasn't going for it, so I tried to goad him into it by picking the worm up, letting it cling to my finger and wiggling it around in his face.

Well that worked.

He lunged

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by Kisa on July 28th, 2011 at 01:50 PM
This new blog feature is really cool! Just wanted to give it a try.