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  1. Hi! I finally got pictures up. So exciting about your froglet! One of my tadpoles (Vivian) just got her third and fourth leg yesterday and she is now out of the water! I got flightless fruit flies for her so we will she if she eats them, any suggesstions are helpful as always. Best wishes.
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    Hi absolutely adore the pics, Kermit looks like he has his desert uniform on instead of the norm camouflage greys wear I can see why he is so special The tadpoles are so much bigger than I had imagined lol They all look wonderful and I find it so amazing you can take the frogs out! A big hi to them all it is great to get to know them I cant wait for the tads to morf and see what they will look like.
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    Hi, I saw your blog made me wonder about doing one for the babies they are so entertaining. They now know when it is feeding time and crowd to the door making it really difficult to feed them, one has already surprised us by jumping up at the door when it was open he sailed past my hand and landed with a plop at my feet. I was so scared he was hurt but he seems ok so far I am so glad all seems well with your babies. Thanks for the friend request I was very pleased to accept. Great idea about the neighbour hood only sadly we are surrounded by older or working couples!
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    Hi thanks great idea I know the sort you mean unfortunately we got a greenhouse almost a year ago when we started planning this, however it is still in the garage in the two boxes it arrived in, packed amazingly small! So I don't think I can ignore it we were hoping to build a small pool, running stream, and masses of tall plants for cover and to be climbed over if I were to manage the build I think they would love it. As if to agree while I write this one of the young ones is practicing his call lol
  5. Yes I am just so proud I had been hearing these strange chirrpy noises for a few days but hadnt seen where it was coming from then as I sprayed them their little chins started wobbling, slightly inflating and they greeted me with those lovely chirps lol. Little one is still doing well but the size gap continues to grow, other than size he still looks good, I wish I could convey how small he is but the ipad camera isn't good enough I am hoping to get camera which will take decent pics of him.
    Your tadpoles sound fascinating I hadn't considered they would already have different personalities though now you say I'm not that surprised they do! It will be fascinating watching them develop, Id love to hear how things go. I had hoped to breed the greys, we wanted to set up a group in a purpose built greenhouse, but I am not sure I can cope with the size of the build due to my poor health, so they will have to be content in the exo terra for now Well better stop waffling best wishes Jay
  6. Hi, I hope you wont mind a personal message but I am so excited and as we exchanged posts quite a bit I thought you might be interested that the larger babies have started calling! It is a high pitched twitter at the moment and at least 3 of them were doing it there tiny little chins inflating slightly With this number of males it is going to get very loud here lol regards Jay
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Leopard Frogs - My New Tadpoles

by MsBlueRose on April 10th, 2014 at 01:34 AM
I want to introduce everyone to my new babies, Chip and Cookie - temporary names given by my daughter until they morph at least and may change again if I can identify male or female. Cookie was named for the circle on her head that looks like a chocolate chip cookie. And Chip, well, we were going to go with chip and dale at first, but I did not like dale as a name so we changed it to Cookie because of her cute little spot-formation between her eyes.

Monday afternoon (4/7/2014) I received

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