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    Congrats on winning photo of the month! You deserved it!
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    Thank you! I hope all is well with you
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    Good Morning Eli,
    If I could give you more "REP". I would
    But I can't YET.

    You are a tremendous help here, thank you !

    Best, Lynn
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    Hi Eli! Thanks so much for your help at forum; it does not go unnoticed .
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    Yes --- there is a LI show on Oct 19, 2014.
    I plan on going ( it's 15 minutes form where I live )
    Anyway, I was mentioning some dates- we -have tentative plans on meeting ? ( Heather, Bill, Carlos, and I )
    Are you planning on going to the LI show on Oct 19 ?
  6. I'm still going to use the tank, just not the forum. They get on really well in there and I asked around a lot if it was suitable before I set it up. I just came back to say nice to have met you and your frogs! See you around
  7. Apparently it "isn't adequate". Sad cause they've been getting on so well in there and I was really proud of my little frog tank
  8. It actually makes a pretty nice home for them, but you have to swap out the ceramic media for something less rough and get a cap for the bubble tube. Also, don't get baby dwarves as they can still get into the sides of the filter. Mine did that once but luckily I noticed in time and got her out! I say go for it, mine have been happy and healthy in there for almost two years
  9. Yep, I'm ashamed to say I chose style over practicality
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    They somehow escaped, but we found two new ones.
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This won't my bio, but a bio for all my frogs!

Angus is a male White's tree frog. Poor little guy is missing toes on his back feet :(! He loves food and also enjoys biting people. Unlike most tree frogs he prefers to sleep on the ground. He tolerates handling and never tries to get away. Most of the time he is green.

Agnes is a female White's tree frog. She is very shy and doesn't like to even be approached. In order to get her to eat, you either have to let the crickets roam free, bowl feed or approach very slowly holding the cricket with tweezers. I am always careful because she lunges at the tweezers! She is brown most of the time and like to look down upon the rest of the tank from above.

Helios is a male American/Fowler's toad. He is smaller and darker than his tank mate but still loves to eat. Unlike his tank mate, he is ambush predator who waits for his crickets to come to him before striking. He also like to walk around in his swimming pool! He likes to stay in his cave too.

Selene is a female American/Fowler's toad. She is larger and lighter than Helios. She chases down all the crickets in the tank and stalks like a lion. She likes to dig holes in the substrate and sit there all day. She tolerates handling well too.
Frogs. Music. Animals. History. Geography
Species kept:
Litoria Caerulea
Anaxyrus Americanus
Dendrobates Leucomelas
Species I hope to get in the future
Agalychnis Callidryas
Hyla Versicolor
Ranitomeya Ventrimaculatus


caerulea 1.1.0 (White's Tree Frog)
Lampropeltis triangulum hondurensis ​0.1.0 (Anerythristic Honduran Milk Snake) Tliltocatl albopilosus 0.0.2 (Curly Hair Tarantula)
Aphonopelma hentzi 0.0.1 (Texas Brown Tarantula)
Avicularia avicularia 0.0.2 (Pinktoe Tarantula)
Brachypelma smithi ex. annitha 0.0.1 (Mexican Giant Red Knee Tarantula) Monocentropus balfouri 0.0.2 (Socotra Island Blue Baboon Tarantula)
Harpactira pulchripes
0.0.1 (Golden Blue Leg Baboon Tarantula)


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