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ADF Not Eating

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I recently got an African Dwarf Frog. I keep it in a ten gallon tank with one female beta. I have heard that ADF's don't get to eat in community tanks because fish gobble it all up, but my beta isn't the problem. The pellet food I give my frog lands in front of him, but he just doesn't eat it. He completely ignores it. I tried everything to get him to eat the pellets but it hasn't worked. Do I just need to switch types of food? Thanks in advance for any help.
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  1. Whitestree frog's Avatar
    Well im not an expert and im sorry for giving maybe false hope that someone answered however i will just say you should not have this in blog. I have been told and know from experienced that blogs are overlooked. Find the correct forum post and do it there for an answer.
  2. Dinkythedinosaur's Avatar
    Thanks, I'll post it in the forums. I'm new to this site.


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