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Whitestree frog

Help! Whites tree frog in possible danger!

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I reallt need halp on with my whites tree frog. HE is turning brown. I got him a few days a go. The humidity is perfect, he has been eating, i have given him water, the temp seems fine.
the humidity may be a little high.
However, he is climbing a nd jumping everywhere and is turning brown. I really need help. I love frogs and if he dies i willl be put into an extreme depression. please help. why would he be stresed?
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  1. Whitestree frog's Avatar
    He now has almed down but i would like a list of possible problems for the future please. It doesn't have to be whites tree frog speific but more like tree frog speific. Suprisingly he calmed down when i let him out on my arm and i let him climb.
  2. elly's Avatar
    Hi, it's really easy to overlook blogs, maybe posting in the tree frog department would help.

    As far as turning brown goes, it's not a bad symptom as long as he's eating and everything else is okay. These frogs just turn brown now and then. Occasionally it might be a sign of being too cold or hot, but mostly it's not a problem.

    The climbing and jumping might be a little odd since these frogs tend to be couch potatoes, but they also have an instinct to go hunting for food, so the occasional frantic search of the tank isn't weird. Just keep an eye on the temperature and humidity whenever the frog starts acting strange and if it's okay you don't have a problem. Most sick frogs don't move much, they aren't hyperactive.

    Sadly it's hard to tell when frogs are actually sick, but sitting in the water bowl all day, not moving, poor appetite and patchy shedding are the major symptoms of illness.
  3. Whitestree frog's Avatar
    tree frog department? I would like a more specific thing please. thanks.
  4. Whitestree frog's Avatar
    nevermid i found it
  5. Whitestree frog's Avatar
    I know they are couch potatoes however he will sit in a spot then in a while be somewhere else and climb all over the glass but he is less hyper. tht was first few day nervousness.


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