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New to Fire Bellied Toads!! Need help!!!

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I am new to the fire bellied toads I have two concerns. I had someone give me a 4 year old fire bellied toad and when I brought it home I read and I have educated myself A lot from reading things on the internet .. So I read they do better in groups of two or more so I went to petco and bought two new, younger ones but they are the same size of the fire bellied toad that's 4 years old that was given to me . He/She is a dark olive color and has been ??? and I also noticed it started to get "fat" I read a lot about it but I am unsure? I noticed He/She eats all the crickets that are put in the tank and don't let the other two eat and the other FBTS always hide and won't come out to eat. So is the 4 year old FBT fat from eating all the crickets every day? and what do I do to help make sure the other two eat? I have taken the other two out of the tank tried hand feeding them or even putting them in a portable cage thing with crickets in there and they have no interest in them either way. so I keep putting crickets in tank every day to make sure maybe they would eat but the 4 year old FBT eats them all I have watched Him/Her and it wont stop til they are all gone mind you these are medium size crickets... Can anyone help me ? I have looked it up both my issues and called the pet shop and really don't get any answers maybe someone will know
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    I would not base your knowledge what you read on the net, there is a lot of misinformation. However, Marc Staniszewski's Bombina FAQ is good as he has experience in keeping and breeding these frogs. A lot of the authors of "care sheets" online probably do not. Zoo papers and studies are fine.

    The dark colouration could be the "bronze morph" some authors think this is not actually Bombina orientalis, but another species. It could also be a faded colouration from B. orientalis kept under improper lighting. All fire-bellied toads need bright lighting that includes UVB and a small basking spot.

    Fire-bellied toads are greedy and can become obese or bloated when fed daily, especially if temperatures are not warm enough for activity and digestion. It's best to feed them every other day when they are adults. The only time I would offer food daily is when they are young or if you've cooled them for breeding, they can then be fed daily during summer period.

    Although these frogs are very adaptable, the other frogs that are not feeding could be showing less tolerance, so make sure conditions are right by basing them on a reputable source of information. A lot of the Oriental fire-bellied toads are wild-caught (although they are literally the easiest frogs to breed) so they could be diseased or having trouble settling into captivity. Look for runny faeces and weight loss, this could point to parasites.


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