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Peppermint the Pacman frog that won't eat

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About 4 days ago I bought a Peppermint colored Pacman frog I named well...Peppermint. It looked healthy and was actively trying to avoid being touched. I had a nice 20gallon reptile cage from a previous snake I'd had. I set it up and placed Peppermint in thinking 20 gallons of room will be plenty...well okay the frog only touches floor, but hey...a lotta room.
  • The next day Peppermint had covered itself with dirt and wouldn't come out from hiding to be fed.
  • 48 hours after I got Peppermint it still refused to eat. I was becoming over-concerned at this point.
  • Day 3 I called the place I got him and ended up buying a smaller tank 5.5 gallons and a new decoration or two that night Peppermint finally ate a worm.
  • Today, the 2nd of Dec 2016. Sadly Peppermint still refuses food. It's become so weak from a lack of food there's little to no fight left. I wept as I realized Peppermint is going to die if I don't do something drastic. So I force fed him 2 crickets by prying his mouth open and shoving 1 cricket in at a time. It took everything I had to not ball my eyes out as I had to force Peppermint's mouth open.

I honestly don't know what to do aside from force feeding Peppermint or returning it. If I return it they won't help make him better they'll just refund my money and say they're sorry. So maybe I'll struggle to feed Peppermint 2 crickets a day perhaps I'll give a third before bedtime. I'm desperate and out of my mind with grief. I don't want to give up on it, Peppermint deserves to live and be a happy little frog. Peppermint is so tiny even from get go was barely bigger than a quarter.

I'm crying as I post this because I can't stand the thought of letting Peppermint die but I don't know if I can nurse it back to health or if I should give up and demand a refund. It's not fair to Peppermint that it is going through this and it isn't fair for me to have to endure it. I don't even know if it's plausible at this point for Peppermint to recover.


  1. Rabbit229's Avatar
    They go months with out food?


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