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Pacman has passed away :(

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Unfortunately it seems that at some point during the day today he passed away. I've been keeping everything up, heatmat was added to up night temps, he was peeing and was not as bloated as he'd started, he was still bright eyed and had been moving around the tank. I check on him nightly and in the morning and this afternoon whilst tidying my sons room we noticed that his eyes were flat and shrivelled, his sides are completely sucked in bar whatever he was blocked up with, he's entirely hard now with no softness left to him. We tried getting him wet (He gets misted daily anyway) and no response. We tried turning him over etc and he is just stiff and unresponsive. Very upset. My son is going to be absolutely heartbroken. I do want to get another frog but now I'm really worried that even if I buy a better setup etc this can happen all over again
so sorry to hear


are you sure it's dead? as the temps were cool it could have decided to go into aestivation and they do look innamate ??
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