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Please help. Grey tree frog not moving or eating. So skinny I can see his bones:(

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I'm sorry and I'm sorry that this didn't get a response earlier, but it sounds like he was stressed to death, which is something that can happen. I'm not sure there was anything that could be done, I'm sorry.
Thank you for your condolences I have been very upset about what happened.

I have done research and looked at pictures and compared symptoms and it seems like he had MBD.

I'm not a frog expert by any means so I have no idea 100% but he had all the symptoms except spasm though when I was watching him in his quarantine tank his head did a weird shiver that looked like a seizure for a couple seconds so that quite possibly could have been a spasm.
Also when I said he wasn't eating he at first did try but it was like he couldn't eat them he went to dive for them but couldn't open his mouth wide enough to get them in and his limbs were.. I can only describe it as twisted like someone with bad arthritis they were all bent in these weird angles at rest but he could still hop so they didn't appear to be broken just twisted and odd looking.

But I rarely ever took him out of his tank only to move him to clean and change his coconut fiber and to be fed.
Which when I changed or cleaned his tank I'd use a little jar to transfer him but when he was being moved to his feeder tank I would put my wet finger in front of him and he eventually associated finger with food and bowl with cleaning tank/bedding.
So he would climb onto my finger himself if I put it in front of his chin.

Just like when he died this morning I put my wet finger in front of him and he climbed on which got me excited because I thought maybe he wanted to eat.

If it was MBD it hurts my heart to know because I could have prevented it.

I learned the importance of calcium/vitamin dusted crickets too late

Because when I got the rep powder he couldn't even eat one of the dusted crickets.

Froggy did not die in vain I sadly learned a hard lesson to make sure they get dusted crickets it is vital to their health.

Maybe after some time and a lot more research to be extra sure and not risk my ignorance being the death of it I may get another frog.

I'm going to miss his croaky mornings where he would croak so randomly in the morning and hop around in his tank like a crazed pin ball just before he settled in for the day of resting. He was so active and had a big personality for a frog

Thank you everyone for caring it is great to see how much everyone cares for these awesome amphibians.
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