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To those frog folks who know about my two WTFs, Butterbean and Polebean, which were sold to me by Mike Matson (Sick at unboxing, both tested positive for giardia & Chytrid and subsequently died) you might find this recent post made by Rick, an unhappy seller, at FaunaClassifieds to be interesting... Take note of all the sick/dead tads/froglets Mike had at the same exact time I was dealing with Butterbean and Polebean's illness/death... coincidence? Also take note of page 4 and how Mike brought baby geckos out of Australia.... Make up your own minds.
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  1. Cliygh and Mia 2's Avatar
    Just another drop of evidence in the ocean of the spread of chytrid fungus
  2. irThumper's Avatar
    The problem is there is still no conclusive way to prove where the Bd came from. But the posts do show he had sick frogs there, after telling me the opposite. Again, no proof as to how the frogs at his facility became ill and died... he blames an employee, and gives two different reasons for the froglets/tads perishing; he also blames the seller of the 21 Pacs for the bacterial disease they are said to have come down with (while also "joking" that these frogs contacted stds at his own- Mikes- facility). He provides no clinical proof from testing/necropsy, etc from a veterinarian as to just what these animals did or did not have. Other than the issues surrounding sick/dead frogs, unpaid for live animals, and said animals apparently being shipped back to seller-- who never received any money-- what is most telling about Mike Matson are his methods in "dealing" with people, including thinly veiled threats... which incidentally just got Mike banned from BOI, yet again.


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