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Humidity trouble with white tree frog

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I was wondering what kind of foggers are recommended for use with my tank. I recently ordered a hygrometer digital and temp gauge I believe it's the one that can regulate the fogger and temp as well. The zoo med fogger and Exo terra had terrible reviews online and I was wondering what everybody uses and recomends. I am having trouble keeping the humidity above 20% dry heat in the winter in new England. I'm misting and have a large water dish over my uth to try and increase the humidity. I don't use the Eco warth because my frogs hate the way it feels on their skin. They Try and wipe it off with there cute sticky fingers. Any suggestions? I have the 18x18x24 exo terra viv.
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  1. Dannyc92's Avatar
    try plastic sheets over the mesh top to lock the humidity in perhaps?
  2. Snappi13's Avatar
    I'm using press n seal


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