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I raised some Eastern Gray tree frog tadpoles that were living in my neighbors pool cover. the pool was going to be opened and the tadpoles needed a safe haven. i agreed to try a bunch. i started with 9. they did pretty well for a while. i was doing water changes regularly, keeping temperature in mind, and using dechlorinator, as we have city water. one day i did a water change, in 2 containers, and by morning, 7 of 9 tadpoles had passed away. i was heartbroken. after that, i was much more careful about how i did water changes, although i still don't know what happened. the 2 that remained, were good eaters and slowly growing up. one finally got all his legs and arms. that was Sticky. He morphed first, turned green overnight and his tail resorbed almost totally overnight. i had melanogaster ff ready for him, and i tried to keep him well fed. then number 2 tadpole started to morph. i got excited and put a plant in his enclosure. the little guy tried to hide under the plant and drowned in the water under the plant. i was horrified that it was my fault once again. My neighbor was going away on vacation and i told her i would watch her froglets in return if she would donate one of them to me. We made a deal, and Klinger came home. I kept Sticky and Klinger sperate until i knew for sure they were both hunting and eating their food. oonce i knew they were, i brought them both into their new exo terra 18w x 18d x 24h. i have a nice chunk of grapewood, 3 pothos plants, some bamboo, and a fake plant and fake vine. Big water bowl in front, and food dish in front, altho the littl frogs are still not sure how to eat from the dish. i have only put teent mealworms or rice flour bettel larvae in the dish, and maybe they don't move around enough to bring attention to the frogs. in any case, they are pooping and so i know they are both eating and seem happy. they are still about a half inch from vent to snout.

new tree frog tads june 12

july 18 hind legs

4 legs and tail Sticky, july19

july 27 evolution Sticky

Sticky's first cricket, ever


Klinger aug 14
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  1. hydra311's Avatar
    This looks and sounds ALOT like the scenario I'd been having for the last 2 yrs. UNTIL this year!!! As of today I have 32 bouncing baby tree frogs going out into the world! Go to my 'Surrogate Frog Mom' blog/post. But my second installment for some reason posted as a comment. THIS is where I tell what I did different and by golly it seems to be working!


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