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Red Eyed Tree Frogs - Day 12

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I have 2 lights on my future RETF tank right now. One is the cfl's on a timer. So it goes on at 7am and off at 7pm. I also have an LED strip, as I'm trying to encourage my new plants to root well and get some growth. The LED is not on a timer as it has a "touch" switch, so it, unfortunately, does not work with a timer. I have the 10 gallon RETF quarantine tank sitting side by side with their future home. Tonight I forgot to turn off the LED at 7 like I normally do. So at 9 pm, I went to quick put some crickets in with the frogs and turn off the LED so they would wake up. To my surprise, they were already awake! Not only were they awake, but as soon as I dumped the crickets in, Lo (little one) jumped after and caught one almost instantly. BG (big guy) tends to be a little more shy and sleepy, but even he/she only took a few minutes to chomp down a cricket.

I have to say they are doing well!! The first week, there was very little poo and only 2-3 missing crickets a night. Now their qt tank has multiple poos every day and has 0-2 crickets left out of the 6 that I put in there every night. Whoever thought I'd be excited about seeing poo
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