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Red Eyed Tree Frogs - Day 5

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My kids have yet to find out that there are some adorable little retfs in the house. I'm hoping to keep it that way until 2 weeks at least.

Nicknaming them Lo (little one) and Bg (big guy) for now. Lo appears to have eaten last night. There is definitely a bit of belly on him this morning that wasn't there before. I may decide to do some ssd on the nose rub. Lo's seems to be a touch worse and I do not want it to get infected. I will take some pictures in the morning and get opinions on here. It may just be me overreacting.

Both of them were awake and active. I woke up at 2 am and peeked in to see them both sitting on the edge of the feeding bowl. I'm going to throw two mealworms in there tonight to see if they get eaten.
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