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Red Eyed Tree Frogs - Day 3

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I figured I would start writing in my blog instead of constantly updating the thread I posted.

I put small dubias in with them the first two nights. The bigger of the two showed interest, but when I awoke, there were still 6 small dubias in the bowl.

Tonight I was surprised, at 8 pm, before it was even pitch dark, the bigger frog was awake. Last night, they were both awake and carefully watching me at 9 pm. Tonight I was surprised that at 10:30, the little guy is still sound asleep.

Tonight I put 4 small crickets in the food bowl instead of dubias. I will see if that sparks their interest more. If not, tomorrow I may try a combo of two crickets, two dubias, and two small mealworms. I know it's normal for them not to eat much at first, but I will feel much more comfortable when they do.

I admit, after having grey tree frogs for so long, it's strange to have fussy eaters. Even when I got Atlas, who I thought would never make it, he ate fruit flies and small crickets with such gluttony, that I had to actually limit his food as he recovered from dehydration and starvation.

I love these babies already though! Have from the moment I saw a nose nudging the top of the shipping container trying to get out! I just hope I can get then eating and keep them healthy.
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