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Raising Spring Peepers - Week 8

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The spring peepers are still doing really well. It's pretty exciting to see how they've adapted and grown. I measured two of them on the glass tonight, and both were around 2.5 cm. There is one or two that are bigger, and another one or two that are smaller, but they all fall right around 2.5 cm. From what I've read, they should grow another 1 cm or so and then stop. The seven of them are eating 100+ fruit flies at a time now. I have 6 cultures going right now to keep up with them. I need to get them a bigger food source that is small enough for them to eat, that seems to be a challenge. It's hit or miss at the pet store getting small enough crickets...not to mention the fact that I have a hard time preventing those tiny crickets from escaping! I've got the fruit fly thing down, but not tiny crickets. I actually caught two small crickets today running around my living room.

I am trying to decide when to move them to the big tank. They are growing, but they are still small. They also know exactly where the food and water is in their tank, and I'm worried about them not eating well enough while they're still so tiny if I move them. I am definitely doing a horizontal tank though. I was debating whether I should do a vertical, but they make much more use of the ground than of the arboreal space. The biggest of the spring peepers, the fully grown male, has made a home under the water dish. The rest of them hide around amongst the leaf litter and bark. They still LOVE the bromeliad though. Every time that I peek in their tank, there is usually two or three of them tucked deep in the bromeliad leaves, soaking up the water.

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Just to remind you how tiny they originally were...

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    Very awesome frogs!


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