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The Frogs Are Here!

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I finally got my fire-bellied toads. They are so cute. I had them shipped to me from LLL Reptile. When I opened the container, I was so nervous we ended up staring at each other for a while. I got them all in okay. Olive was so eager to get out he started climbing out while I was putting the other two in.

Their names are Olive, Duckweed, and Cowslip. I named them based on their green. Olive's back is dark, olive green. Duckweed's back is very light. Cowslip's back is in the middle of the two, but more on the lighter side. Even their bellies are different. Duckweed's belly is scarlet while Cowslip's is lighter orange. I haven't seen Olive's yet so I can't say about his.

I don't know what genders they are, so I'm just going to assume that Duckweed and Olive are boys and Cowslip is a girl. I'm only saying this because Cowslip is the biggest. I'm probably wrong.

I got a new piece of glass and it's maintaining humidity wonderfully. It covers much more of the top than the old one did. It's a little too long, so it's sitting on the top rim of the tank. That worries me a bit, but I'll find a way to secure it.

Another worry I have are the crickets. I think the crickets I bought are too big for them. But I have read stories of fire-bellied toads tackling eight inch snakes, so we'll see. I worry most about Olive, since he's the smallest. If they can't eat them, I'll release these crickets outside or feed them to my koi and go get some smaller ones. I know for certain they'll be able to eat the small ones from Petco. It'd be a shame since I've been gut-loading these for a week.

So far, it seems like Cowslip is the most energetic while Olive is the calmest. Duckweed is energetic as well, but not as much as Cowslip. They're all just relaxing now. I think they like the humidity. Duckweed is longing on the land under a philodendron plant while Olive and Cowslip are sitting on the rock in the water.

That's all for now. I hope this project turns out very well.



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