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Calico Ryukin Goldfish

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With Button Eyes!

I generally don't buy any animals from pet shops and when I do I prefer to support locally owned shops and breeders. However last year we got a Petsmart. I wasn't too sure about the place. But so far so good. They have been doing a really good job with their fish and even their reptiles. The only thing about the reptiles is that they cohabitate some snakes and advertise them as communal when these snakes are solitary creatures (that's a whole other can of worms)!

Anyway about a year ago they got in some baby ryukin goldfish. They had all sorts of colors and tail shapes. I was attracted to a little button eyed calico right off the bat. I held off on buying him because I didn't have a spare tank for him. Plus I hadn't kept fish since I was much younger. Even though since then I have studied up on various fish care. I'm kind of strange like that. I have animals that I dream of owning one day, so I study up on their care just in case!

Well all the other little goldfish were sold and they have bought more of them a few times now. However no one has bought that little calico ryukin with the button eyes. He is now much larger and moved to another tank with the bigger goldfish. I see him once a week and he appears healthy and swims and eats well. He is very beautiful and I really really would love to have him!

Well now I have a tank available! So, I'm seriously contemplating buying him if no one else has by time the tank is cycled.
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